Adele’s music has managed to pull a girl out of a coma. See how it happened

January 11, 2013

That Adele is extremely talented, already convinced us all. That her music is addictive and you want to listen forever, nothing new. But that she managed to wake up a girl out of a deep coma when doctors gave her no more chances of life, is it extraordinary. Charlotte, aged only 7 years old, suffered […]

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Dreams have a secret!

September 8, 2011

Is there more to dreams? We have often found ourselves wondering the prospect of our nocturnal adventures and the obscure secrets they bury deep. In spite of being subject to countless works of art and literature, the origin and purpose of dreams still remains uncertain. We know that dreams occur during the REM (Rapid Eye […]

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The Beauty Of Sleep

August 4, 2011

I remember when I was young when it was quite a hard ordeal for my parents to put me to sleep, you would have thought that I hated the bed. I got into bed early and was the one waking up the rest of the family with quite a racket. If you were a boy […]

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