Player Circle – Dating Hot Chicks

August 27, 2011

Remember the saying that faint heard never won a fair lady. I’m saying a player’s heart wins every lady. Fortunately I won’t be revealing my name on this article, since I might be a victim of circumstances when I go for the kill when I’ve just met a pretty lady. Okay, a bit of history […]

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Early Puberty

August 18, 2011

Remember those science classes on sexual maturity with all the signs of someone maturing in this aspect. Nowadays it is developing at a much earlier age that ever. According to studies that use mortality data to estimate a young man’s peak testosterone – driven phase of risky behaviour. According to this estimate, boys have been […]

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The Richest Teens

August 1, 2011

Last year had been quite eventful with a lot of huge movement in the entertainment world. This has seen a lot of teen stars earning a lot of prestigious awards and banking huge deals. This is in both the film and music industry. If you are from the Stone Age you wouldn’t have thought that […]

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