The Aliens Are Never Coming…

by Howard K. Smith on September 9, 2011

The U.S. Government examines an Alien Body in 1952

The U.S. Government examines an Alien Body in the year 1952. These incidents have not been disclosed to the public and will probably never be!

Staring at infinity into the depth of night sky, it’s inevitable for a thought to creep into our mind that we are not alone. The apparent loneliness of human civilization in the universe is indeed mystifying. As it has been put in popular literature; to imagine human civilization alone in this infinity is to cultivate millions of acres of fertile land to find only one seed sprouting.

The word E.T. has been attached to our mind with the catastrophic invasion of ‘War of the Worlds’ or with little green men in their illusive flying saucers. Occasional accounts of ‘alien abduction’ add color to our imagination. And in spite of the popular alien conspiracy theories one of which states that the government is intentionally hiding alien existence, skepticism still seems the logical end. Skepticism on alien existence is not ill reasoned. ‘There are no facts so what’s the point of building on imagination.’ Or ‘If there were aliens, we would have seen them or be affected in one way or other.’ Notwithstanding these logical dilemmas about questions surrounding alien existence, our search for galactic companions is deeply rooted to our existence.

In view of the endless stretch of galaxies and infinite array of possibilities for the existence of earth-like atmospheres, the odds of not having stumbled across any traces of alien civilization is indeed mystifying. It can be argued that perhaps we are not equipped enough yet for making that deep-space exploration into alien inhabitations. But the absence of faintest of extraterrestrial radio signals or any traces of cosmic life after years of space ventures has given rise to a singular question ‘What if there are no aliens?’ or What if we are all alone in the universe?

The inability of natural science to trace back the origin of life on earth has further added to the mystery. We don’t really know how or why we have been created? Were we really the consequence of a series of environmental changes or were we created for a reason? Nature indeed has an innate reason behind any creation. Everything in nature has a reason, a purpose to fulfill in the bigger picture. So, what is the nature’s purpose of conjuring life here on this planet surrounded by an infinite stretch of dead space?

If indeed there is a reason behind our existence then perhaps we were meant to be alone from the very beginning. Perhaps humanity, with an intelligence refined and reinforced with the tide of time has a crucial role to play in the journey of universe. And when we are waiting for alien spaceships to deliver us cryptic messages from extraterrestrial civilization, we may in fact be averting the bigger mystery of our own existence. Ancient scripts speak of humans as the embodiment of ‘soul’ or ‘infinity’ and give a purpose to life- recycling of cosmic energy. Many such theories have now been constricted to mere vehicles of religious preaching diminishing their logical or scientific implications. And what little can be deduced from the inferences has been buried deep in the course of our scientific crusade. The mystery of extraterrestrial existence may not be a mystery after all for the simple fact that aliens don’t exist. A more urgent question to ask can be “What is the purpose of our existence?” Maybe the aliens are never coming; we need to figure out how to deal with our loneliness.

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