“The Avengers” Trailer – The Teaser

by Dan Rather on October 13, 2011

"The Avengers", 2012 Movie

Will "The Avengers" be the greatest movie of all time?

Today we saw the debut of the highly anticipated trailer to the movie; ‘The Avengers’. One thing that has kept many fans like me looking forward to this trailer is that this will be the first time that we will see the heroes and heroines of the Marvels films come together in one blockbuster movie. If you ask me this is just genius. I must admit that this was really a smart move by the Marvels film team. This is because there is no other film production that has actually tried to do this; Marvels film firs presented us with movies on the individual heroes and now they are taking it to a whole different level by bringing the heroes together in one film. This has seen many identify with the individual heroes first and seeing the heroes together just makes things a lot more interesting. This leaves you guessing of how the interactions between the different characters will be like. The trailer promises that the movie will have a lot for us to look out for.

“The Avengers” trailer hints out that the heroes are brought together by S.H.I.E.L.D’s Nick Furry to help save the world that is under threat from Loki: The god of mischief. The marvel hero team that is brought together is comprised of the Hulk, Iron man, Thor and Captain America. The great thing about it all is that the different heroes have a great fan base and therefore the ground work has already been laid.

When we take a look at Iron Man, the question that comes to mind is; ‘who doesn’t like him?’ Then with The hulk, now played by Mark Ruffalo; we can only wait and see how well he will work with the rest of the super hero team to save the world despite his anger management issues. With Thor, the crowd gets a lot bigger; being associated with thunder, storms and lightning and out of this world strength, we will be waiting to see what his trade mark hammer will land on this time. Captain America, another marvel hero will be sure to wow the fans with his super strength. In this particular blockbuster, though the heroes are linking up, they are not doing so because there is a marvel villain team. This is quite sad because I would love to see the marvel villains teaming up. I’m sure this would give the heroes quite a big headache, but maybe marvel films is cooking up something that will see the villains linking up. Before I forget, the lovely Scarlett Johansen is in action. She plays Natasha Romanoff, a highly trained spy who works for S.H.I.E.D. We can be sure to expect a badass display from her.

With the kind of heroes that will be on set, we can only expect a massive applaud from the fans. The fact that marvel film brings together some of its heroes for one reason; to save the earth, we can only wait to see more of the film next year. Yes, we have to wait for a long, long time before we can actually set eyes on this masterpiece. Until May 4th 2012, we’ll just have to settle for this teaser of a trailer.

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