The Lesbian Tales

by Dan Rather on August 28, 2011

Picture of Nicky Minaj and Rihanna - are they Lesbians?

Nicky Minaj and Rihanna - Are they Lesbians?

Maybe it’s just me or I’m definitely right on this one. What would two divas be up to by moving in with each other? This is no farce, believe me on this one. Reports say that Nicki Minaj and Rihanna moved in with each other just recently.

I’m left here wandering, what might have gone wrong in their personal lives. Nicki Minaj is one girl I would love to get hooked to, but so much about my fantasies.

Nicki just got hit in the face till her lips bled by his boyfriend Safaree Samuels, his assistant. I know that didn’t sound right, that has finally made Nicki leave the guy and move out of the condo they shared to Rihanna’s crib.

Reports say that this might be quite a permanent situation. Taking a further look into the relationship between Nicki and Safaree has been marred with a lot of drama. Remember the time Amber Rose or someone close to her sent Safaree nude photos? Let’s not even go there.

Rihanna on the other hand, you surely do remember the whole Chris Brown saga and currently I am made to understand that she is single. The two who have tasted a lot of success since their inception in the game are looking to give us more than we expected. With their wiggy wars, there is no telling what we should expect from the duo.  I just hope that their wigs don’t fall off. Aha! Now everything falls into place the two can only be influencing each other with the whole wig fashion and I would say that they are doing great, maybe they want to start a wig factory. I’m not serious on that one. With colours such as blue, green, pink and even red. I haven’t seen white yet but it can’t be quite far off.

I love both of them and with their recent activity it seems that they are not about to stop. They are surely on a different kind of high. I would just love to hear something new from the two. When the question of who I would like better comes up, I’m kind of caught in the middle. With their recent activity this is hard to pin but with all honesty, Nicki takes the spot any time.

They started off with a song for Nicki’s album and the two then did it again for Rihanna’s album. For your information the albums are doing pretty good on the charts and I can’t deny this for a fact that there is surely more in the offing for the two; collaborations maybe, but not kids, for the moment.

I don’t mean to imply anything but when you think long and hard at what two girls will be doing living together you might tend to think in the path that I’m already treading on, but let’s just assume that these two are only living together and where’s the harm in that at least there are two less lonely girls in the world.

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