The New Cadillac Record

by Dan Rather on August 2, 2011

New Cadillac

Future Cadillac Design Study

This may sound like a publicity stunt where the United States opened the Orleans County Fair in Barton, Vermont with a collection of 298 Cadillacs was brought together in a caravan and stretched nearly a mild down state route 2.

This gathering broke the previous record of 102, which was held by the city of Leimuiderbrug, the Netherlands. Baarton is the home of Cadillac founder, Henry Leland. The parade was led by a pink 1959 Cadillac carrying Leland’s great, great, great grandnephew Doug and his wife. Many models in the history books of the company took part. This included the CTS Coupe.

The CTS coupe by far is one of the best luxury cars that Cadillac has designed. The car goes above and beyond performance. Damn! It’s so clean! The 2011 CTS Coupe features a standard 304 HP direct – injection V^ engine with 6 speed automatic transmission and a suspension that was fine-tuned on Germany’s famed Nurburging track to help ensure precise handling. Available in the new model is a performance –tuned All – wheel Drive (AWD) for extra grip without sacrificing handling.

That was only the beginning; the technology within the sleek car is what will blow away your mind. Let’s first of all start with the design. This car has a unique, wide stance, sweeping roofline and chiselled bodywork; this is a sport coupe like no other. It has a unique “frameless” door design and keyless. It uses auto touch door releases that are flush mounted and combine to accentuate the Coupe’s clean lines. It has vertical LED tail lamps with signature light –pipe technology and a chevron –shaped stop lamp design which is unmistakably Cadillac. Then the chromed, dual –exhaust outlets are center –mounted which are the final, dramatic touches to the rear – end styling.

Let’s go to the fun part. The car has a Glide –up touch –screen Navigation which comes together with an installed 40GB hard drive with 10GB which one can use to store approximately 2,000 songs. It is also coupled with a pause and play radio which is much like a built in DVR for your car stereo, a destination Download that helps you with directions from an OnStar5 advisor who can send the destination to the navigation system.  If you love jamming hits while in your car then you will love the 10 –speaker Bose 5.1 surround system center point signal processing. You might think we are done, but no it comes with Full iPod and Bluetooth integration, XM Radio with three month trial that features exclusive entertainment, commercial free music channels and a lot more. To finalise it all the car has a Rear backup camera which provides a panoramic view of the vehicles projected path when the vehicle is put in reverse. To the designers of the car, they did quite a remarkable job and for sure have set the pace for the rest of the players in the industry. No wander there are parades of this particular car. We just have to wait and see if Holland has an Ace up its sleeve to win the record one more time.

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