The Real Steve Jobs? The Real Oscar De La Hoya ? The Real President Obama

by Jackson Vanderbilt on September 20, 2013

Steve Jobs 2

What’s real about Steve Jobs?

Oscar De La Hoya 2




What’s real about Oscar De La Hoya?

Barack Obama







What’s real about President Obama? 


All three of these men have been in the news this past week and talk will continue for some time.

Steve Jobs 3

Steve’s dead and there’s a new movie out about him and that’s very interesting.. It’s not the only movie about him! there have been quite a few.. But This latest one called “Jobs” and an interesting review about it came out by an Internet reviewer..


Not so flattering…

From a dude that’s got an issue with Steve’s manners. What MAN!  are you kidding?  Everyone knows how Steve was.

From IMDB:

Parts of the User Reviews

A true mess of film making

15 August 2013 | by mcelroyronald – See all my reviews

Steve Jobs isn’t a nice guy… he uses people like they are toilet paper… and he is a taker. It’s a great set-up for a slammin’ movie. Unfortunately, this movie seems incomplete and without heart. More accurately, most of the scenes seem incomplete, disjointed and pointless. It all adds up to nothing.Steve Jobs

Problem #1) You don’t care for Jobs and you leave the theater not knowing Jobs. There are few emotional moments in the movie – except when you want to spit on him. Fire this person unnecessarily; deny that loyal employee well-earned benefit; use your wealth to destabilize the company… it all describes someone you are glad you don’t know personally or professionally.

Problem #4) The editing was horrible. Scenes would start and finish randomly – with no emotional content. Many scenes had no relationship to the structure of the movie – taking valuable time and adding little to nothing; disjointed would be too nice of a word.

There is no teaching moment in this movie. There is no emotional content. There are no memorable lines or moments. This isn’t a movie; it feels more like revenge, cold and pointless.

I have to say the Dude’s review makes some okay points, but what I got out of the movie was the fact that Steve was highly intelligent. Genius would be the correct word and I think that’s been proven.  Steve wasn’t good working with other… that’s well known and keep in mind Steve’s mind worked so differently then most humans! So, I’m saying step out of your comfort zone (Try to use your brain like Steve ! Impossible) and see the facts.. YOU and I are not a Genius… YOU and most  like to feel better about themselves so you put the dude down… FEEL BETTER? I DON’T Think So.. Open your mind, try to see it, feel it from Steve’s Shoes, and maybe there would be even more to Apple as there is now.. My biggest take way from the movie is “People with Power/Money/Authority”  Are TAKERS No matter how much Power – Money – Authority you feel you have or take!!! The Individual’s Mind will be and is in ultimate control “That part of the brain and heart that talks to the inner core of that individual.” No amount of money, power or perceived authority will allow you to do the right thing!  Even if you’re  a genius or a dumb-ass. Look at the Sub-Conscious.

The Critics have no idea what was in Steve’s Head even if they were a Genius or a Dumb-ass.

Oscar De La Hoya


Oscar De La Hoya, was everything to Boxing! Olympic Champion, Major World Champion in several different weight classes.  He was a beloved Fighter with a friendly smile “The Golden Boy” .. He’s got a business promoting fights  a major boxing marketing firm and this last major one this past Saturday. Golden Boys Promotions biggest event  to date with a super payday for the company and Oscar’s prized Contender going up against Floyd Mayweather who Oscar couldn’t beat in the Ring back in the day.  Oscar wasn’t at that event in Las Vegas this past Saturday. Oscar De La Hoya 3


Oscar made a statement he was dealing with a personal issue and was putting himself into Rehab… Days before the big Fight… Big to be able to state that to the World.  Hat’s off to Oscar.. But What happens? Oscar’s Dude didn’t win..

Floyd Mayweather went off and posted some crap that wasn’t  so cool jabbing about Oscar’s Rehab.. What’s up with that?

From ESPN:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. issued an apology Monday night for a social media post that appeared to ridicule Oscar De La Hoya for having checked into a substance abuse treatment facility.

De La Hoya announced last week that he would miss last Saturday’s highly anticipated bout between Mayweather and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez to check into a rehab facility. The megafight was promoted by De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions.


Floyd May 2It’s shame Floyd made that silly post FOR WHAT PURPOSE ? to do what?  I just want to say “make a FOOL” of himself. A Sub-Conscious blunder, but did he get it?  Where’s his HEAD at?

FloydMayweather_OscarDeLaHoya Where is the compassion and caring for a fellow boxer…Going through a tough time?  I don’t get it. Floyd may and most likey has no idea of what Oscar is going through, and it seems he could give a rat’s ass just to get someone talking about him.

I have to say put yourself in Oscar’s shoes instead of blasting some crap on twitter, or to ESPN..

YOU may have beaten him in the ring! YOU Beat Oscar’s Fighter! YOU like to think your cool, but YOU are NOT COOL. WOULD YOU tell the World you had a problem with some substances and admit you need help?  I think you don’t have the Balls to do that.  Oscar Did.. He’s a better Man right now. Apologies – another myth that you can just say your sorry and say it over and over again and it’s cool… It’s okay  I don’t think so. im sorry I’m sorry- how many times have you said that…I’m sorry for the same issue..


I’m sorry doesn’t do much when you say  “I’m Sorry” too often… and YOU don’t Change..!! It loses the meaning.  DO YOU REALLY MEAN it… I”M SORRY…..


presidents-on-vacation-a-visual-retrospectiveBeing President is a really easy job to have..Right.. Wouldn’t you agree?  Really, anyone can do it right?  This past week all the “arm chair Quarterbacks” are adding their assessment of what the President should be doing about “The RED Line of Confrontation in Syria”. All we hear on the news are the   sly do’s, don’t, and BS crap about taking this country back into another war. For Sure a tough topic!!  It was said, The President was wishy- washy on how to proceed on the war possibilities and keeping his power rating up to “The World”, after all he’s got the most powerful job-position- authority  on the Planet.  Who’s Got Obama’s Back?



Congress – Don’t think so! Let’s just- FILLERBUSTER… so we can just sit on our asses…FBI-COINTELPRO



The FBI – You or I can’t count on them to be right..It’s Been Proven!!


cia-agent-caught-russiaThe CIA- Secret Service – Not Really! They’re out Fucking Prostitutes with arrogance and had the audacity of getting caught- WTF – Dumb ASS..secret service

Easy being President Right? So the issue at hand for President Obama is dealing with the chemical crap that the Syrians are accused of using on their own people. .. Asking congress to vote , or make an executive decision and  just do it or crack under the pressures of a belief to do something because someone should do something to push Syria…But Who hs to do it? . Pretty Easy day at the office of President…Right…. Go to war and count on the various agencies to get you the conclusive proof that WMD and Chemical were used in Sryia… No problem. I can trust the intel…. of this Government.. It’s Rock solid Proof… Right  I don’t think so… “People with Power/Money/Authority”  Are TAKERS No matter how much Power – Money – Authority they have it’s about “There Agenda, and There’s Only” Pretty scary…because some ASS that’s a self-proclaimed so called expert on the issue it’s Bull Crap.

 From ABC News:

The president said a “verifiable agreement” to disarm Assad of his chemical stockpiles will go further than any U.S. military strikes could have in eliminating the threat of their use.

“If that goal is achieved, then it sounds to me like we did something right,” Obama said.

On Saturday, the U.S. and Russia announced a plan to transfer Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile to international control by the middle of next year for destruction, with Syria given one week to declare the size and location of its chemical weapons stashes before outside inspectors arrive in November.

But it’s still unclear how inspectors will be able to remove and destroy the weapons in the middle of an ongoing civil war, and whether Assad will go along. Another open question is whether the Russians will facilitate enforcement of an agreement.

Obama said he is optimistic but cautious that Putin will be a reliable partner.

I’m not going say I’m for it or against going to War- OOPS ! Disclaimer – Let me say I’m not for going to War but doing more for the People in the USA! I’m not going to say I’m a fan of the President or not, but AND I have respect for the job he has been tasked to do by the people of the USA, and the binding bodies of this Government that are messing him up.  I’m saying IT’S NOT an EASY ONE! The Job.

Genius or Dumbass, WE as a society are full of Genius’s and Dumbass’s.  The World is full of the same characters so “Make My DAY” Do the right thing whatever that may be “That’s” your task for the day, week, month or lifetime. Dig deep into the Core of the Head and Heart if you dare.

Think about being in someone else s shoes when it comes to being a critic.. Maybe this place “Earth” might be a little better place to live on..if we all looked at it from the eyes of the other person, things that you are critical of…can be seen from multiple views -right – wrong- good – bad- mentally correct or not- Money-Power- Authority- A genius – A Dumb-ass.

Just an Idea.

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