The Richest Teens

by Dan Rather on August 1, 2011

Rich Teenagers

Today's Rich Teenagers

Last year had been quite eventful with a lot of huge movement in the entertainment world. This has seen a lot of teen stars earning a lot of prestigious awards and banking huge deals. This is in both the film and music industry. If you are from the Stone Age you wouldn’t have thought that a teenager would be able to earn $53 million in just one year. This is the amount that the richest teenager bagged last year as reported by PEOPLE magazine. You might be wondering who this is. You know him for his 3-D concert movie, “Never Say Never.”  Justin Bieber, the seventeen years old who achieved stardom after being discovered on you tube in 2008. This year seems to be the year for him. Not only did he win numerous prestigious prizes including Teen Choice Awards and Billboard Music Awards. The teenager not only has a movie to his name but also has a big sale in his perfume line, ‘someday’. His current album, ‘My world 2.0’ and received massive success just as his debut album and who could forget the hit single of 2009, ‘one time’.  With Selena Gomez coming as his girlfriend they are considered as the richest teen couple. He really deserved it.

Second on the list is the former “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus who took home $48 million from her tour. The star achieved wide fame for her role as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana on the Disney channel sitcom Hannah Montana and established herself as a teen idol. She then went on to peruse a solo career and eventually released her first solo album, “Breakout” in 2008 which for sure was a commercial success. She began to cultivate an adult image in 2009 and later in 2010 she released her studio album “Can’t be tamed”. Watch out she has a lot more up her sleeves.

Then how could we forget Taylor Lautner who earned a total of $8.5 million thanks to the last two instalments of the “Twilight” saga and an additional $7.5 million for his upcoming action – thriller, “Abduction”. The 19 year old started off his career with bit roles in comedy series such as The Bernie Mac Show in 2003 and My Wife and Kids in 2004. This was before having voice roles in television series like “What’s New, Scooby –Doo?” and “Danny Phantom” all in 2005. He finally got his big break when he was cast as Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga film series, beginning with the first film, “Twilight”. Let’s see what the teen will be up to this year.

Remember Angus T. Jones, he comes in fourth. The American young actor has signed a current contract with “The Two and a Half Men” worth an incredible $7.8 million; he earned $300,000 per episode.

Fifth on the list is Nick Jonas of the Jonas brother’s band. The singer – song writer surely has a wider smile than the rest of the band members as he reportedly earned a total of $12.5 million last year.

For sure this list is going to change, lets just wait and see who make it to the top five but for sure there will be some names that are here that will be in that list. Only time will tell.

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