Today’s Children Are Top Earners

by Dan Rather on August 23, 2011

Jaden Smith at 2011 Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards

Jaden Smith is a 'Kid Millionaire'

When I grow up I want to be a musician, a rapper, a cook, a stuntman or even a teacher. I’m sure I didn’t get it on the last one. One thing I am sure though is nowadays nobody wants to be a teacher anymore, personally I don’t. Being raised by two teachers in the family is quite enough for me. Why is it that nowadays, not so many people want to spend all their time in schools learning about something that they might never actually apply anywhere in their lives. With these changing times we must also be ready. Today children want to be all these and more due to the obvious fact that this is where the money and the fame lay. Gone are the days where you would hear of children in a classroom all with the ambition of becoming pilots.

When you take a closer look at the categories of people that I have enlisted, do they really need to have an education in medicine so as to achieve their success? It’s true that even cooks nowadays earn a lot more than the average teacher in school. Take a look at Anthony Bourdain and Paula Deen, the celebrity chefs are surely earning big from their cook books and definitely from their cooking. Are you surprised yet? Don’t be. We are not even close to the top.

Let’s take a whole new turn into the world of music and trust me when I say that this is BIG. In just a year we have seen that it is indeed possible for children to start earning huge chunks of money even by the early age of ten. Yes, I’m not lying to you. Let’s start with the youngest biggest earner of 2010. She is none other than Willow Smith, the daughter to Will Smith. Talk about doing big things. She jumped into the world of music with a hit single featuring the ever smiley Nicki Minaj. With this monster tune she did it. She gained a lot of success and fame I tell you. For your information, she doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We’ll see what she does when she is eleven.

The number two youngest earner of 2010 is none other but Jaden Smith. He is thirteen years and has been actively involved in acting on movies such as Karate Kid. Not only has he been acting he has also been in rapping. Like father like son. In case you’re wondering who the father is I guess you need a lot of updating to fully catch up with what’s going on.  If you can’t figure it out from the last name I’m so sorry for you. I guess I’ll have to call you a dummy.

The third one on the list is Justin Bieber, the teen who recently gained it all and in one year earned over 53 million U.S dollars. This gets me thinking, I want to start a band, are you in. Now I’m sure you don’t even remember the Pop legend Michael Jackson.

The top two siblings can for sure send their parents into retirement, now that’s what I call will power and for Justin Bieber, he’s not done yet, the future looks really bright. These are just a few reasons for children to dream and want to join the music club.

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