Trey Songz in a CAT fight!

by Dan Rather on August 31, 2011

Trey Songz was involved in a Cat Fight!

Trey Songz beaten up!

This must have been embarrassing for the artist. Being involved in a cat fight? No he wasn’t physically involved in it, but I am sure that he really got embarrassed. Picture this; you and your new girlfriend out on a date. Everything seems to go perfectly; you and her are getting along quite well. You think that it can’t get better than this and you decide to go to wherever you will be going with your date. Then all hell breaks loose. She gets involved in a fight with other girls, not just with the mouths but there is more, it is a cat fight. If you do know what a cat fight is all about, you surely wouldn’t want to be caught up in one especially if you are a guy.

A cat fight involves; clawing, pawing, punching, pulling, shouting or even screaming. The way things are looking, Trey really tasted the worse of this. This surely does him some good, considering that there were rumours that he was openly bi – sexual. It’s not that being on the date lets him off the hook but the rumours will be overshadowed for a while. When I first heard the rumours I was a bit shocked but after taking a closer look at the situation, there is a probability which cannot be over looked. Then a short while later reports said that he was a hundred per-cent gay. At least the second accusations are put to rest, due to the fact that he was out on a date with this lady. On the first rumour I think there might be some truth behind the whole thing.

Let’s leave the gay stuff first; he has also had some secret relationships with various women. Among them is Lauren London. They then decided to call it quits. I really don’t care what he does in his personal relationship, but as long as he keeps on doing it big in the studio, producing jams we really love then I am a fan forever. We need to see some more “bottoms up” or even better. With the music industry changing rapidly, we can only keep guessing of what surprise he has for us. The music star has come quite a long way. A year right from high school and he was then signed to Atlantic Records in 2002 and finally started recording in 2003. The lad has been nominated for numerous awards and even won some.

With so many girls trying so hard to be with the guy, it was so easy for this particular girl she was on a date with to be quite offended when a group of girls confronted ‘his’ man, trying to get the digits. She set it off and trey was caught in the middle trying to break it up. I’m sure he got a few scratches but his date got the beats put on her. Some advice to all of you out there, don’t start what you can’t put off.

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