Why Is It Dangerous to Take Shelter Under a Tree During a Lightning Storm?

by Anderson Cooper on May 15, 2010

Lightning strikes often without warning and in random patterns. It is a physical phenomenon exhibiting hot temperatures that resembles uncontrolled electricity …

Some people are terribly frightened of storms, while others enjoy the sound of the howling wind or are fascinated by the lightning bolts racing across the sky …

If you’re outside when clouds gather and you hear thunder, weather safety experts such as the National Weather Service recommend that you immediately seek shelter. The best place to be is indoors, but if you aren’t near a building, you shouldn’t take cover under a tree, especially if it is standing by itself or is the tallest in a grove of trees. If lightning strikes the tree, you can be killed by a falling branch or by electricity flowing through the tree.

If you are outside or in a vehicle when a tornado strikes, seek shelter in a strong building, if possible. If there are no buildings nearby for shelter, leave your vehicle and find a ditch or flat ground and lay down as low as possible. Use your hands to cover your head and neck. Do not seek shelter beneath an overpass or bridge, warns FEMA.

Most public locations, such as schools or shopping malls feature designated spaces for guests to take shelter in the event of a tornado and post maps to help guests locate those areas. Tornado shelters in public buildings are usually located on the lowest, most interior spaces of the building, away from windows. If you are on an upper floor when bad weather strikes, do not get on the elevator; use the stairwell instead, which will allow you to move to a lower level while offering protection. Otherwise, move to the most interior, confined space possible, away from windows, suggests the website, Tornado Safety. Get low on the floor and cover your head and neck with your hands.

Mobile homes or trailers do not provide adequate safety during a tornado. If you are in a mobile home when a tornado watch or warning is issued, get out as quickly as possible and move to a structurally sound building nearby. Do not stay in a mobile home during a tornado, even if there are no buildings around you. Instead, move outside and follow the instructions outlined in the next section.

Women’s shelter employees provide case management, advocacy and counseling for women and children escaping domestic violence. Things to consider when crafting a job …

The Family Violence Prevention Fund’s Web site also has important information about creating a safety plan at home and at work to protect yourself.

A 2010 survey by the National Network to End Domestic Violence revealed the following statistics: 37,519 adults and children victims of domestic violence sought …

Visit the shelter during off peak hours to increase your chances of finding a puppy. Shelters are busiest on the weekends, the best time to go is mornings during the week. Take the whole family with you to meet the puppy before completing the adoption, if possible. This cuts down the chances of bringing home a puppy that the children are afraid of.

Provide a safe and secure environment for your new puppy. It is best not to give him full run of the house until he is comfortable in his new environment and you have made progress with house training your new puppy. If possible, limit him to one room that has a tile or linoleum floor which is easy to clean.

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