Would the World be fascinated with Hannah if she was really unattractive? Ok, I’ll say it Ugly.. There I said it.

by Jackson Vanderbilt on August 19, 2013

Hannah AndersonSo, I think that if Hannah was ugly she wouldn’t be getting this attention.  How about You?

So many backseat quarterbacks have come out and given their opinion this past week, from baby boomers to the current generation- Gen Z. Amazing…  These opinions are all over the board depending on how old you are, your race, religion, it’s a true melting pot of views.  Which one is right?  Is there a right answer?

From CNN

Psychotherapist: ‘In a numb state’

Some experts questioned the wisdom of the online chats.

“This is a 16-year-old who’s totally traumatized, she’s in a state of trauma and so she’s not thinking,” psychotherapist Wendy Walsh said. “Sometimes in a numb state, you do things that you don’t really consider the consequences.”

The teen even posted a selfie … a self portrait of one’s face posted online. She also engaged in lighter conversation, but even some of that seemed painful.

What design did you get on your nails?

“Pink for my mom and blue for Ethan,” she said, referring to her 8-year-old brother.

Ask.fm is a user-fueled, question-and-answer social media site, which claims to have 70 million users worldwide. Users can skip around the site asking people whatever they want, with the end result being profile pages that read like questionnaires.

It has recently drawn heavy criticism as a hive of cyber bullying however, following several instances of teenage ask.fm members committing suicide after being harassed on the site. The suicide earlier this month of a 14-year-old British girl prompted UK Prime Minister David Cameron to call for a boycott of ask.fm. Several advertisers have also recently cut ties with the site, which allows users to remain anonymous.

It’s a very hard question to answer for sure.  The thing that gets me is this whole story “Real Story” is like any current crazy suspenseful TV Mini Series or even worse a weekly show, Name one – CSI, or a Box Office Block Buster like “The Call” with Halle Berry, it’s spine tingling chilling what we watch day in and day out.

Who, or What’s to blame for all this craziness?  The Media, Hollywood, The Over Population of our Society, The Economy, Corporate America, The Good ole Government of the US Of A, Terrorism, Religion, or can it so simple as just one thing.  Could it be YOU.

Like I said, it’s a hard, very hard question to answer I’m telling you that.

It ’s a true melting pot of views.  Which one is right?  Is there a right answer?  Be bold and tell me what you think, I’m sure I’ve sparked a ton of feeling and emotions.  Bring it on.

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