Young women want to be like me, but I just want to to Die!

by Alina Andropov on January 12, 2013

Photo of girl woth anorexiaValeria Levitin weighs just 25 kilograms, extreme anorexia, and she  is considered the worst woman in the world. However, she says she gets a lot of letters from young women who want to look like her.

“I’ve received emails from young women who want to learn how to look like me. All letters are from women, generally around 20 years, which I see as a kind of inspiration. That’s why I do a campaign against anorexia. I don’t  teach them how to die. It’s not a game, not a joke, it’s your life, “said Valeria sadly. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how people think.

At 16, when she weighed 60 kg, moved from Russia with his parents in Chicago, USA and began to feel pressure to weaken worse. “The environment was different. I wanted to be like others and think that if you weaken you will be acceptable. I began a diet – not eating sugar and carbohydrates. I was caught in a vicious circle which I should be skinny to be happy.  Now it is almost impossible to put back lost weight because my body can not process many foods, “says Valeria.

At 24 years I reached 38kg. She started to go to the doctor and visited over 30 specialists.

“The disease should not be treated by a doctor. It’s a more serious problem. It’s a lack of harmony between body and soul. No. I gained never going to specialists. I’ve never been hospitalized. The best treatment was to tell me that I’ll return. I felt better and when you feel good body begins to return to normal. When you become healthier your body begins to feed, not vice versa. They won’t force yourself  to eat to become healthy, but conversely “says the woman.

Valeria takes nutritional supplements and avoids any situation in which she could fall. She believes that the solution could be to move back to Moscow and have a child with a surrogate.

“To win, you must fight for something,” said Valeria.

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